July 2014
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The app enables discovering, sharing and creating sound identities for locations. Users simply drop a song on a specific place on the map and anyone with the app can listen to it. People can choose from over 30 million songs from Deezer’s library, and tag it to any place in the city. Sharing with others what they are listening at a location like a street, an art gallery, a graffiti on the wall, or a moment like a friend's party. In the future, this app will reveal the musical map of cities and areas.

General Creative Directors: Fabio Fernandes, Eduardo Lima

Designer: Fabiano Higashi
Information Architecture: Ricardo Grego
Technology: Jefferson Russo, Caio Franchi
Project Director: Aline Veríssimo

Digital Production: Hive

Music: Deezer

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I love the app idea, but I don't think the ad gets it across.

I'm gonna try say something positive