Sharp: Big Ali Quinn

If you had just bought the worlds largest TV, would you ever want to leave home again? So if you were going to spend all your time indoors, why would you need any outdoors stuff? Saatchi X Dubai created a character (Big Ali Quinn) who decided to give away all his outdoor stuff for free and got the entire city talking about him.

Advertising Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi X, Dubai, UAE
Creative Director: Colman Shiel
Art Directors / Copywriters: Keith Lawler, Colman Shiel

October 2013


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crazy contest.

keithlawler's picture
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Haha, yep it was pretty insane all right. Good fun though.

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Absolutely idiotic. How were these people ever prompted to figure out the one contest portion here? How many people claimed their own TV? Also, "give sh*t away" is the second fastest way to cheapen a brand, beyond just handing people money.

This is the bottom of the barrel of ideas, here.

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