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Don Draper
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I spent a shocking amount of time on your site last night. (I must have gone through an entire pack of Lucky's). It's engaging and hilarious. You are very talented. I would however suggest you lose all the sites except "celebrity impersonator." To me that one is by far the funniest. We ad types really appreciate the effort, but the sites are so detailed, you just don't need four huge jokes that go on, and on, and on. Truth be told, you could do without any of those shenanigins. Your book speaks for itself.


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Wow! This is really awesome. Very funny and entertaining. Can I hire you to make me funny?
I've sent it to everyone I know, they all deserve a good laugh. The Asian impersonator section almost made me pee in my pants.

Well done.

Oh and nice site by the way. If you tell me you made that yourself, i'm going to cut both my hands off.

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Just great!!! And keep the site like it is!

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cool stuf bro. keep it rolling.

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You are great! And hilarious. Good work.

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Love it!

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I think you are very talented!



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