Seat: 60th Anniversary


Unique, original and digital SEAT Brand Channel on YouTube to promote their 60th Anniversary. The channel shows an interactive and multimedia road where the user can travel around SEAT´s past, present and future. Inside the page the brand invites users to celebrate the Anniversary with SEAT by recording an original video singing the”Happy Birthday to You”. Lots of promotions, prizes and advantages are also offered on the page.

Advertising Agency: Nurun, Madrid, Spain
Creative Directors: Alvaro Urueña, Pablo Dachefsky
Copywriter: Xavier Sole
Account Director: Ghatim Kabbara
Account Manager: Jennyfer Rodriguez
Project Manager: Bas Quentin
Productora: Albiñana Films
Realizador: Ricardo Albiñana jr
Productor ejecutivo: Xavi Doncel

October 2010


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Jaap Grolleman
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What first surprised me is that it doesn't make sense that the order of the photo is grey-white-blue and bellow is blue-white-black.

But anyway, I don't speak Spanish but the video with minimal interaction was pretty cool =) bravo.

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Unique and original? No.
Digital? Yes.

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This reminds me of the iPhone 4 movie where they attached the iPhone to a model train.

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There's something cool here. Just don't know if they quite nailed it…


"I love some things, and don't love some other things."

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clayology com
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I like the idea...its kewl!

Ads u create needs Attention!!

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for the non spanish speakers it talks about "Date una vuelta por los 60 años" like "Give you a round about the 60 years". I think that is a very emotive idea and very nice becuase here (Spain) all the things that appears in the video have a reminder in our lifes. Great job guys!

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