Sears: Zombie campaign site


On the occasion of upcoming Halloween this year retailer Sears is focusing a new e-commerce campaign on the underserved needs of the growing Zombie-American community. Site is available in English or Zombian.

October 2010


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The zombie language website is kinda cool.

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my goodness Haven't seen something worst in a while, i think the zombies are the ones who approved the concept!! the graphics are very low quality (that hand with the accessories)... the main ad are supposed to be product centric but they spend more image and time to make it zombie example the sneakers ad are looking horrible not only for the blood but is too blur the product then why is that size if you are meant to show the product.
and come on "keep it cool"??? a brain in a fridge with blood, I bet KENMORE brand don't even have guidelines that allow unclean product or full of blood.

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I disagree with the previous poster. I think this effort is great and I applaud a mature brand like Sears getting into this space. My full review of the effort is here:

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