Scion: Take On the Machine

Scion launched "Take On the Machine" Augmented Reality Game at (look for the "Augmented Reality" tab at the top), where for the very first time in a commercial game, an AR marker is used as the steering wheel to drive a car. A Spectacular print ad is appearing in the September issues of Inked, Giant Robot, Juxtapoz, XLR8R, Dsport, Modified and a few other magazines, where the ads feature a removable AR marker. Watch the video too:

Advertising Agency: Attik, USA


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Jaap Grolleman
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Nice idea, not new. I tried similar things before and they didn't always work, hope this one does.

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I tried it, it works. Note: It's as forgiving as all video games should be -- I bit the dust twenty times and kept on keeping on. Enough fun to be worth a couple of visits with a fast connection, at any rate.

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-Lubeo Buburnubett

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it's definitely not for the first time!

In Skoda example YOU see the wheel and the marker is on the other side (double page print) so I think it's even better

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