Schneider Umweltservice: Hol de Schneider, Song and Videoclip

The singing garbage men. Schneider Umweltservice AG is the leading recycling and environmental service company in Zurich. To communicate their services, the employees have decided to make a Videoclip and sing. After an internal casting, the singers were found. And that's the result.

Advertising Agency: Streuplan, Zurich, Switzerland
Creative Directors: Thomas Back, Oliver Schwab
Art Director: Sabrina Hardegger
Music: Georg Schlunegger, Hitmill
Film: Claudio Catrambone / Futurelite
Published: January 2012


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Lawson Hembree
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Good job of thinking outside of the box (or can) for a recycling company.

Anybody know what their shirts say?

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now if I only had some English subtitles.

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I like this a lot. You can clearly see that these are real employees and not actors and this makes it very personal and sympathetic.

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To translate the Shirts-Text is difficult because it's Swiss German - but try it:

Herr der Mulden = Lord of the skip
Entgrümpler = Clear outer
Wärtstoffsammler = Valuable material collector
Aussergewöhnlich persönlich = unusually personally (Claim)

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