Save The Children: Close the annotation

A single click can help change the world.

Creative Director: Shachar Aylon
Published: May 2011


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Jaap Grolleman
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It's a lovely idea but I don't see how my clicks just "changed" the world, by making "Life" appear instead of death. Not enough reason for me to think "indeed clicks change the world!! Lets donate!!"

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the idea is ok... the problem is people might not know what annotations are... and the boxes disappear too fast to click them... I think it needs a bit more work, maybe doing it with HTML5 instead of a YouTube video

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I think that it would be stronger with video used in some way rather than just text - it's a little too plain and abstract to be interesting

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Shachar Aylon
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Thanks for the comments.
This video has been made for Save the Children as part of the YouTube Cannes Young Lions "48 Hours Ad Contest".

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