Samsung Printers: Optical Illusion

Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett, São Paulo, Brazil
Creative Director: Ruy Lindenberg
Art Director: Daniel Kalil
Copywriters: Martim Baffi, Michel Zveibil
Producers: Maria Fernanda Moura, Celso Groba, Camila Aquino
Production Company: Sagaz Filmes
Director: Judith Belfer
Cinematographer Pedro Cardillo
Editors: Sergio Dinis
Sound Design Company: Menina produtora
Sound Designer: Fabiano Peixoto


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Lovely idea, very entertaining. The only thing, nobody will remember which printer it was. Does it not need a packshoot at the end?

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Nude Copy
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yes, ofcourse it shud

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Carlos Aledo
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Yes, I agree with morse too. The brand name at the end and would be perfect

Ordozgoiti's picture
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I totally agree. I saw this last week and loved it, but I couldn't remember wether it was for Canon or HP...

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Nice. Simple. Smart.

Glut's picture
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Excellent. Agreed with morse, in the middle of the ad I looked for the logo otherwise I would not know witch brand was it.

kleenex's picture
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They need to show what printer they are using.

chaddy velasco's picture
chaddy velasco
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Very good concept!
@kleenex: i suppose the printer that they used was shown @ 0:33 onwards.

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Loved it!! creativity in simple. Welldone.

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Hammad S
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Captured my attention completely! Great simplicity

I think the first go you're not paying so much attention to the printer. Second go and it's all good.

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Very Cool!!!

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Good idea

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Love this. So smart.

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Nice idea and entertaining, I can't say I guessed any of them correctly but it was fun trying. I would have to disagree with some other comments about it not being obvious at first that it was an advert for a printer although I think having the brand name at the end is something that is missing and would be expected.

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