Samsung GALAXY SIII: Your Song

Challenge: Samsung GALAXY S III’s positioning line ‘Inspired by nature. Designed for humans” leaves many befuddled. The challenge was getting people to understand what true design for humans means in relation to a smartphone.

Insight: Humans appreciate personalised services and offerings that speak to them.

Idea: To elevate human emotions and expound on the meaning of “designed for humans”. Four improv artists were engaged to create music for the social media sphere, LIVE. Just by using fans’ Facebook friends and personal facts, the musicians performed spontaneous compositions to make it “Your Song.”

Advertising Agency: Cheil, Singapore
Creative Director: Vijay Anand
Senior Art Director: Karen Wong
Senior Copywriter: Christan Sow
Head Of Interactive: Aaron Gomez
User Interface / Motion Designer: Alvaro Bruch
Interactive Architect: Nicholas Ng


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I like this, but this is nothing to do with the client. The spot ends "I try to interpret people's specific personalities and interests and design music for them so that they feel connected."

An heroic glamour piece, but whoever put this together, you should have another go. Otherwise some mischievous journo is going to be knocking on your client's door quoting "Your agency says that "Samsung GALAXY S III’s positioning line ‘Inspired by nature. Designed for humans” leaves many befuddled": how do you react to this? Do you think the meaning of the original tagline was meant to confuse? Do you have anything to say about the money you spent to confuse your customers?"

Also, what were the results of the campaign, apart from shinier mirrors for the crew?

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wow this is genius ...seriously good stuff using social media to drive it all...awesome!

groovy baby!

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Grammy time for the singers!!!

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Excellent initiative... Great idea and well done.

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fun campaign. Could expand it even further though - maybe exploring more on the Facebook friends.

For the case study video, Message shown in the intro video quite weird... with the mug and picture frame thingy.

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