Extreme Shepherding

March 2009
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What do you get when you give a Shepherd a video camera, LED lights and a whole bunch of sheep? A sheeptastic experience as evidenced by the fun spot for Samsung directed by James Rouse with The Viral Factory.

After all, it seems only fitting that shepherds who gave us the great game of golf, be the first ones to usher sheep herding into the digital art age. Rouse and The Viral Factory enlist an enthusiastic group of herders known as the Baaa-Studs to make the magic happen over the hills of walls. Some amazing sights are to behold as man, machine and beasts combine to re-create the Mona Lisa, the video game Pong and an electronic fireworks display worthy of any Fourth of July.

Advertising Agency: The Viral Factory
Director: James Rouse (represented by Outsider in the US and UK)
Producer: Jon Stopp
DOP: Richard Stewart
Editor: Owen Oppenheimer
Post: Unit/MPC

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