Eye Navigation

November 2012
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In Switzerland, accidents on pedestrian crossings have increased by 23%. A website campaign with the strapline “Make eye contact” was designed to change that. Because if you seek eye contact, you know whether you’ve been seen. To demonstrate the power of eye contact, we integrated it into the website interface. The user’s gaze was tracked by webcam and converted into commands. We used motion tracking with OpenCV face detection and increased its accuracy with filters developed in-house. Result: world’s first website controlled by eye contact attracted 13,180 visitors in two weeks, 75% of whom selected eye navigation (3'19" visit duration).

Advertising Agency: Wirz/BBDO, Zurich, Switzerland
Executive Digital Director: Markus Schärer
Art Director: Marco Zimmerli
Copywriters: Winfried Schneider, Andi Portmann
Programmers: Ralf Brändli, Ruben Frank, Ursula Christen

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Fun digital gimmick to put money into, but do you actually think the fact that you "demonstrate the power of eye contact" will make people integrate it into their driving? I think not. I've seen the posters as well and the message is terribly unclear...