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babu rahman
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i didnt get it....plz any one can explain me plz......

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remember the rexona 'stunt city' commercial?

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here's another one of these:

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so stunt man stand alone?! Whattt smell bad huh?

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so weak!
their wild side is weak... it seems to be someting else, but when u play...

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PaulyG_fill in ...
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I don't get it either. He's performing daring stunts, which would leave him sweaty and smelly? And he's not because he's deordorized? What is happening to ads that people understand? They're becoming non-existent. We all must remember that people are bombarded with ads on a daily basis, and if this was one of 35 ads in the front of a magazine, nobody is going to take the time it takes to understand it. KIS - keep it simple.

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nice art direction

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Annoyingly slow.

Fail Harder.

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he landed on the truck!!

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