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hey harshiksuralya, i don't blame you for being pissed off at this site, i waited a long time and got nowhere, just like you, but this guy primo is just trying to help and if his english is not as good as yours, maybe it's because he was born in mexico, have you ever thought of that?

he was not insulting you, nor lecturing you, he was just trying to help and you gave him shit. too bad.
and, by the way, your english is not that great either, maybe you need a simple word like ¨shithead¨to understand your crap attitude.

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Nice art!!!, i love the idea.

Jonathan Betancur

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... or how advertising causes war and peace in less than 1 day :) Nice...

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mind your own business.

that's a joke.

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Not easy, not "viral".

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very very good. And great executn. Quite different of the usual Axe style. And very latino.

andrea cotrim

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