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Took to long to load.

Shame. Was looking forward to those boobs.

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Donald Draper
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Entertainment for men. Straight to the point. Nice campaign.

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Hmmm... I suppose the people who worked on this had fun. It would have helped, in my opinion, if the girl didn't always have to look at the prompter for her lines.

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Targeting men not women

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The idea is kinda interesting, but I don´t think women would like to spend their time playing with other girl boobs. Unfortunatelly.

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Very extrange.
The entire campain is directed for a male public. But that is no t the real target.


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Anthony SD

I became aware of this ad via Create magazine.

My wife is a survivor of breast cancer, detected at an early stage and removed via a lumpectomy. No matter how you look at it, breast cancer is a life altering, if not life threatening event.

My hat is off to the creators of the ad. I did not mind looking at a beautiful woman examining her breasts, but there was a far more serious message behind the t-shirt: Examine your breasts, know what is normal so that when something abnormal appears you will find it early--and probably go a long way toward improving your chances of survival, and possibly saving your life.

San Diego, California

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guys...I dont think so its a great print...
first of all.....only male will stop and check the boobs keenly (ofcourse of the model, but male dont have breast cancer.
before deciding a print one has to go into deep thinking that how a person who is the target think.....
i think most of the woman just dont want to do that test...because of the fear what if yes....and u have to target exactly that thing.........
i think you could have shown a woman who has lost her assets .......and a simple line like "the only pervention is a test" colud have actually made them do the test.......

but this print was not in the close victiny of the message

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Matt in Western...
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Oh how wrong you are. Men DO get breast cancer, (not many, but they do; I know of two). Obviously you have little or no knowledge of this terrible disease. You miss the point also. It's not just designed to tell women that if they don't check their breasts they may lose them (or worse), it's telling them HOW to check them.

This may have a slightly male-centric title but like men, women will also click on the site through curiosity. When the viewer watches the film they'll see it's not erotic, just a scientific approach to teach them how to look for abnormalities. It's also a great idea for people who might be too embarrassed to learn this technique from a first-hand demonstration.

Even if more men watch it than women, I'll wager if those guys value their partners, they'll tell them about the site and see if they know how to check properly for any changes. Even if this execution proves to reach largely men who then mention it to their (female) partners, that's a good thing in my book.

Sure, the site takes a while to load and the subject's eyes appear a little distracted by script cards, but all in all, an effective message. Well done Target and the agency involved.

As the husband of a fabulous lady with terminal breast cancer now seeing the awful things she has to endure, I know how important it is for everyone (men and women) to check your breasts from the time they are developed.

Anthony from San Diego, my best wishes to your wife and yourself.

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