Rado: Lifetime Clock

URL: http://lifetime-clock.com

The Swiss watch manufacturer RADO launched the Lifetime Clock as part of a promotional campaign for Esenza Ceramic Touch, their new watch that maintains its timeless beauty without getting scratched. It has especially garnered attention among the young generation of SNS users. Every day we are constantly preoccupied, almost never giving thought about a lifetime. There, we thought of giving people a new way to reflect on their lives by changing it into a beautiful RADO clock. That is the Lifetime Clock. If 84 years of life was 24 hours, 3.5 years would translate into one hour. Lifetime Clock will calculate what time you are based on your age and memories, and make it into a beautiful film and clock. Please sit back and enjoy the present time, along with the landscape shot in 3 days in Spain.

Advertising Agency: Dentsu, Tokyo, Japan
Creative Directors: Noriaki Onoe, Daisuke Nakamura, Kentaro Sagara
Art Director: Kentaro Sagara
Copywriter: Noriaki Onoe
Illustrator: Kayako Kamiya
Photographer: Tetsuro Hirano
Programmer: Daisuke Nakamura
PR: Satoshi Kuno
PM: Masaya Oki / Marc Monclus
CC: Mayu Yamashita
Director: Sadahiro Sonoda
DoP: Oriol Sola Riera
DIT: Illia Torralba
OFF ED: Hiromi Ando, Naohiro Urabe
COLOR: Naohiro Urabe
Designer: Shunpei Watanabe
Flash Developer: Shugo Saito
HTML Editor: Kensuke Yamashita
Back-end Developer: ZunSystem Inc.
Music Producer: Mutsumi Hamano
Music: Akira Kosemura
Published: May 2014


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I watched it load more than I watched the watch.

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like it.. unique experience... :)

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euh? i didn't get the lifetime movie sequences...

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