Pro-Tec: The Next Level

So you think got balls because you skate without a helmet? Guess what- wearing one is what you need balls for. Because a helmet let’s you do some badass tricks you’d never do without it. We wanted to show skaters that next level your helmet takes you to. The pro-tec level.

Advertising School: Miami Ad School Europe, Berlin, Germany
Art Directors: Shahak Shapira, Marie Legat
Copywriter: Gry Sagvolden

September, 2011


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That's a great way to incentivize a target audience to learn more about your product.

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buy a helmet and unlock a game level??
really cutting edge over at miami ad school...

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Oh that's a really cool idea, but again, miami ad school shooting projects that never happened and "keeping" them for themselves, now no one can use this idea...
Or am I wrong and it was actually published?

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Thanks! I'm actually pretty sure that most of our students would not refuse the opportunity of getting an idea produced, but the problem is that it's really hard to reach the people who are able to make it happen.

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Hey Miami ad school, why don't you test the kids on a car or a bank which is 99.99% more probable that they will be working on than this.

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They do, check it out:



I even got you a project for an insurance:

We just happen to have an idea for a protective gear brand. I think it's exactly as legit as any other client.

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The car project was posted on here before. So who did it? Students? I thought it was by Jung von Matt.

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MAS students that interned at Jung von Matt in Hamburg. But I just posted it to support my argument, there are many student projects for the automobile industry.

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Very good idea. Very very expensive to do.

.. / .-.. --- ...- . / .- -.. ...- . .-. - .. ... .. -. --.

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apart the fact of the idea cost, i think it´s a very good way of encouraging the use of helmets.

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Great idea!

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this increases PURCHASE of these helmets, not WEARING them.

big difference.

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Miami Ad School,do you propose an idea that somebody can really do?
Come on guys...

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It is expensive, yes, but why unfeasible?

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It´s unfeasible because is expensive. Do you follow me?
Like 90% of Miami Ad School´s ideas.

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