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This is quite old by now, but let me just say this: This is advertising at its absolute finest. Brilliant writing, brilliant art direction, extraordinary casting, perfect direction — and the name of the product alone. My goodness. I could swoon.

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Elegant... To tackle such a stinky subject with such wonderful copy writing and wonderful visual treatment is simply commendable. Love it.

And then GOD said...
Let there be creativity!!!

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Actually you deserve 10 stars on your comment "Tackle a stinky subject with a wonderful copy" :)

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Martin Mac
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Just saw it the first time - i love it. Advertising at its best!

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I laughed so hard.

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I can't believe I just watched a whole 2 minute ad, AND I clicked the link, AND I feel like buying the damn product too.
And handling a topic such as pooping in such a charming fashion, spectacular! =)

Today's world runs on the bread and butter of a copywriter, "Short is sweet".

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One of the best ads ever.

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I have watched this ad a number of times - which is not true for any other ads I've seen. That alone speaks volumes as to its efficacy. Well done. The actress is brilliant and - rather obviously - perfect for the role.

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Paolo Buatti
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10 stars for me

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15 Stars :) looooved it... good job, good cast, the girl and the accent are amazing

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When your ad gets 27 million views, you're doing it right.

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