Playstation 3: Double Syndrome

3 viral teasers and a reveal movie. Campaign to re-position the Playstation 3 brand in France. Large file, allow time to load it.

Advertising Agency: TBWA, Paris, France
Creative Directors: Eric Holden, Remi Noel
Art Director: Mohamed Bareche
Copywriter: Daniel Perez
Director: Waverly NY
Production Co: Les telecreators
Aired: December 2009


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who is Tyler Durden?

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schizophrenic other-self of Edward Norton in the novel (and movie) Fight Club

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Phil Lestino
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oh this is .................long

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ha ha like the conference.... 493 secs....!!!


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Not exciting at all. As usual with these mystery teaser campaigns, the payoff is quite small.

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Award winning effort i think

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The bar for "viral" much, much higher than this. Sure, these may win some awards (hopefully not) and get the creatives some jobs (again, hopefully not), but for consumers... they're just not buying it. The "press" for this is bogus. We've had literally YEARS of these types of videos/campaigns, and it's gotten old, and tired. An all around a wasted effort. It's well-done... but, more importantly, it's pretty much a direct rip-off of beta 7. Same category, too. Sorry.


"I love some things, and don't love some other things."

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Wow! I thought I was the only one having this kind of problem.

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I get the online media...

I get the concept...

I just think it is long-winded way of creating something out of a category, that for me, saw its best work years ago...

Playstation has to start rethinking their marketing...

This attempt feels like they've run out of ideas... and it shows...

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its been done i think

footballitis from adidas.


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