Pizzeria Libretto: Librettogram

Each pizza on Libretto’s menu was photographed and then cropped into nine separate shots. Uploaded and viewed in Instagram’s Grid View, they re-form into individual pizzas. Users can scroll through the entire menu at the flick of a finger. Clicking on each picture brings up a close up as well as a bite-sized piece of information about the quality of the ingredients and the precise attention that go into that specific pizza.

Advertising Agency: Union, Canada
Executive Creative Director / Partner: Lance Martin
Copywriter / Associate Creative Director: Mike Takasaki
Art Director / Associate Creative Director: Glen D'Souza
Account Manager: Rhiannon Enss
Head of Integrated Production: Jen Dark
Production Artist: William Leung
Social Strategist: Alex Avendaño
Photographer: Edward Pond

April 2014


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If they were first company to take advantage of this, then cool. But I highly doubt it.

An axe murderer of ads.

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I will still say this is a solid idea even if done before.

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NY Belfry
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It've already had an old idea.

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