Wake up the Town

October 2010
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The Wake-up Light from Philips is undergoing the ultimate test. In one of the world’s most northern places on earth, where the sun does not shine for four long winter months, lies the village of Longyearbyen in the Arctic Circle. Here, residents have each received a Wake-Up Light for thorough testing. Filmmaker Doug Pray, director of Art & Copy, is making a documentary of the experiment, plus five films of villagers. Tribal DDB Amsterdam developed the concept and created the Facebook environment and website, where you can follow the experiment, learn more about the town, and meet its residents.

Advertising Agency: Tribal DDB Amsterdam, Netherlands
Chief Creative Officer: Neil Dawson
Creative director: Chris Baylis
Art & Copy: Paul Fraser & Mariota Essery
Design: Simon Cook, Leigh Hibell, Stella Yu, Joris Blomjous (3D)
Account: Sandra Krstic, Nick Basermann
Strategy: Joey Duis
Technical Lead: Jan-Willem Penterman
User Experience Designer: David Vogel
Producers: Jeroen Jedeloo, Jolly Banerjee
Film Production: Stamp Films
Director: Doug Pray
Director Of Photography: Denzil Armour-Brown
Producer: Scott O'Donnell
Music: Garron Chang
Colorist: Michael Gossen
Website production: Group94

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Cesar Hector
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Yeah, it has the potential to become totally amazing, I also hope they don't end up doing the same thing that Tropicana did for I hate to see "recycling" and repeated ideas. I also think they have a lot of confidence on their product, cause they are taking a big risk by announcing the documental and the experiment this way and not having it done yet, there's a lot at stake, I of course need to say that the idea itself has a very cool and powerful characteristic: interaction as a way of integration, that could end up being determinant if the product is not good enough by itself. It’s a good thing for society to follow this integration trend when making advertising, I think it’s part of our responsibility as communicators.


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