PETA: Miss USA Queens

Miss USA pageant winners Susie Castillo, Shandi Finnessey, Shanna Moakler, and Alyssa Campanella bare it all in their jaw-dropping new ad for PETA—shot by famed photographer Fadil Berisha—in a united effort to urge the pageant industry to do away with fur.

June 2013


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I think the bodies are distracting from the message.

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I agree with morse. Animal suffering works better.

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I agree with Setinho. Felling beautiful in your skin has nothing to do with wearing fur, unless it's promoting nudity

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Screw the message, I am only looking at at the naked ladies.

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So 1st degree, silly ad...
And what about less make-up too ?

the ad which wasn't there

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I hope no one shows these girls a pro-nazi video, because then they instantly would become nazis. These girls have no idea how the fur industry works. And I'm not blaming them. What they know is from PETAs decade old videos. Videos that are horrific. But in absolutely no way a representation of how the fur industry operates. If you do not trust me, then please educate yourself. My guess is that you'll find how fur is produced much more acceptable than you think. Oh, what are the chances that these models own a hot leather jacket, pants, purses, shoes etc.?

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