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Fast, easy going, interesting. Props on the website

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P.S. best of luck we are all on the same train

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he has a good book

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superb. like the maverick style and the creative execution. he kept it so simple.


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John van de Vor...
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Very nice idea. Good luck to you and others who are looking for a job.'s picture
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The concept is nothing amazing, but I believe that the site and his image comes together as a whole. I was hoping that he would share a bit more from his personal experience, but anyone looking to hire him probably cares more about his work, which is good.

I wish him and the countless others diligently seeking employment all the best.

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Good idea! Hope it works out for you

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Here´s my take on the same issue. See the rest of the case in my blog.

;) A

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I have seen a guy at Cannes this year doing this... same idea.

Simple ideas are the best !

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Not original for sure. But credit the guy for branding himself.
Good luck to him.

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Roger Keynes
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Looks like someone copied that Jobless Writer guy.

He was let go in May! ;)

Nice campaigning of the idea, mate.

All the best with the job hunt.

Will Think for Salary

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Cheers Roger :)

I think I have you beat. I was let go November 08!

But the OutOfWorkAdGuy has found a couple of very nice small biz clients to keep him busy.

Best of luck to both of us.

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Very different really gr8!!!


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you're f***ing good!

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I can so feel you man.. :S great job btw

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