Limit Busters

March 2013
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Limit Busters 2 is a second edition of campaign made in cooperation with Orange Poland and Discovery Channel Poland based on popular TV series ‘MythBusters’ and local Orange brand heroes called Heart and Mind. The center of the campaign is a dedicated website: where Heart & Mind proves that the heart (or actually Heart) can be a servant, monkey mind is a good thing, and the way to the heart does not have to pass through the stomach. In addition they will face with the conviction that LTE has an unlimited data transfer.

Limits are routed by a form of six straight games available on the website. The user is asked to help in overthrowing limits. Heart and Mind repay with virtual badges, which player can share on Facebook or put on a profile picture, but also users can play for special prizes – mascots and t-shirts.

Advertising Agency: Lemon Sky, Wroclaw, Poland
Creative Director / Copywriter: Marcin Gebicki
Art Director / Illustrator: Jacek Rubin
Accounting: Jacek Sidzina

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