April 2009
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Leo Burnett Lisbon created a plug-in (a device for the internet) that removes the word "crisis" from every webpage and replaces it by the word "opportunity". This revolutionary digital tool is extremely easy to install, and allows people to replace the most repeated word of the year for the word "opportunity".
"We want to stop seeing the problem and start seeing the solution." These words were the foundation of this original idea, available at Here you can download the free plug-in, available in three languages. Portuguese, English and Spanish.
"When we first came up with the idea to remove the word "crisis", replacing it for any other that felt good we were over flown by a strange feeling of power and, for that, we wanted to use it well. With caution. We looked up words in many sources: books, movies, the internet. Thousands of words were considered, studied, and analyzed but none of them sounded better than "opportunity"? Both words are feminine and between them there is a know relation in the Chinese alphabet where the last ideograms of the word "crisis" are the first ones of the word "opportunity". This, without a doubt, reflects the reason why we want to make this hateful word disappear. We want people to start seeing things from a different point of view. We want to help make the world a better place and that is an opportunity for sure", says Chacho Puebla, Leo Burnett's executive creative director.
This application was developed to work on Firefox, since this is the only one that allows plug-ins to be installed. This enables us to customize the browser's original tools giving us a wide variety of ways to experiment the web.

Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett & Arc Lisbon, Portugal
Executive Creative Director: Chacho Puebla
Creative Team: Chacho Puebla, Dani Palma, Fred Bosch, Alexandre Dalbergeria
Creative Advisor: Tura
Digital Production: Arc WW / Web Corner

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