Old Spice: Wolf Rodeo

Wolf Rodeo - The first mobile controlled banner. Old Spice introduced a new wild collection of scents with an extensive campaign. Our task was to implement the "Unleash your wild side" idea into an online display campaign. But how can you let people really unleash their wild side when they are sitting in front of their computer? We created a mobile controlled in-banner game. The banner generates a unique QR code that connects your mobile with the banner. From this point on you control the wolf aiming to shake Mustafa off.

Advertising Agency: Kirowski Isobar, Budapest, Hungary
Creative Director: Márton Jedlicska
Chief Art Director: Dániel Deme
Art Director: Carlos Ramas
Copywriters: Tamás Simonyi, Bence Bodnár
Developers: András Pásztor, Csaba Tuncsik, Krisztián Nagy
Account Manager: Réka Oravecz
Motion Designer: Róbert Tóth
Editor: Gyula Tóth
Published: April 2013


Meredith Singh's picture
Meredith Singh
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Wow. Cool technology.

Shame so few people interact with banners so they would never know what they were missing. Plus, very few people use QR codes or even have QR code readers on their phones. So it's the perfect storm of low engagement rates.

But cool technology.

alex razzaghi's picture
alex razzaghi
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people want something original and fun
They will try things and share with their friends if it's smart and fun

Meredith Singh's picture
Meredith Singh
409 pencils

How will people know that the banner is original and fun? The banner does nothing to indicate it is special until you interact with it? It just says "Roll over to start." That isn't very enticing.

Also, the video didn't show that the banner had any share functionality. So nobody can share this even if they wanted to.

So, I respectfully disagree with your disagreement.

alex razzaghi's picture
alex razzaghi
243 pencils

Now this is just my opinion.
Just like movies just like books, there are critics out there that will try and if it is worth while they will share and it will spread.

that's all I'm saying.

RichardCl's picture
123 pencils

...maybe for its novelty...

But beyond that isn't it a bit 'meh...'?

kleenex's picture
31573 pencils

eeehhhhh a few seconds of fun and then you are done.

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