Old Spice: Flavor Patch

Sites meant to be forwarded to your friends:
URL: http://www.flavorpatch.com
URL: http://www.partytanz.com
URL: http://www.smellpulse.com
URL: http://www.glitzelectronics.com
URL: http://www.toughsheets.com
URL: http://www.zaneckworkouts.com
URL: http://www.theflatteringman.com
URL: http://www.brodominiums.com
URL: http://www.freshbodycoupons.com

Advertising Agency: Wieden + Kennedy, Portland, USA
Executive Creative Director: Susan Hoffman
Executive Creative Director: Joe Staples


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This whole campaign sucks in ways beyond comprehension. I don't even know where to begin. It is built on stupid assumptions and stereotypes that reveal how Old Spice believes that 18-25 year old guys are immature, idiotic morons too stupid to even engage in personal hygiene without visual aids and simple words. Wieden + Kennedy is capable of so much more. The fact that the executive CD is a woman is not surprising.

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Cant see why would anybody send those links to their friends. Maybe an 11-year-old?

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What kind of product is it? I don't wanna write about ad but product is really rubbish!

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