Ogilvy: Pirate Recruitment

Ogilvy Brussels was looking for a new webdesigner with fresh ideas. We know that unemployed webdesigners can't afford the crazily expensive application suite they need to work and they may be tempted to download it through a not so legal way. We uploaded a file supposed to provide the essential application suite on many pirate sharing websites. When webdesigners downloaded our file, they discovered that the application suite was not in the package. Instead, we gave them something much better: an exciting job opportunity at our agency.

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy, Brussels, Belgium
Creative Director: Sam De Win
Art Directors: Philip Schiebold, Emmanuel Duriau
Copywriter: Guillaume Gallant
Digital Creative Director: Seb De Roover
Illustrator: Steve Salens
Digital geek: Bert Heymans

August 2012


walkingwanny's picture
33 pencils

great idea.

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Richa Agrawal
324 pencils


Righteousone's picture
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is this scam work to win awards?

borchy37's picture
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One can see comments, number of seeders and leechers on almost all file sharing websites. I doubt a lot of people would seed such a fake file and that ˝highly talented˝ webdesigner would fall for it.

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Well that is one innovative way to get a job applicant.

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Nadi D
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innovative and creative. got the web designers insight very well. super nice!

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really creative.

certaintly's picture
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ok. in all honesty, a veteran pirater would have known that was a fake .psd download............

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Like the idea, but doesn't look like a real thing useful in pratice.

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