o.b. tampons: Apology

URL: http://obtampons.ca/apology

In 2010, o.b. tampons went off the shelves. To apologize, 71,343 women received an email that led them to their own personal music video, and an apology they’ll never forget.

Advertising Agency: Lowe Roche, Toronto, Canada
Creative Directors: Steph Mackie, Mark Biernacki
Art Director: JP Gravina
Writer: Simon Craig
Audio Production: Keen Music, Thomas Neuspiel, Kai Koschmider
Production Co.: The Garden
Director: Christian Langois
DP/Cameraman: Alex Bussieres
Exec. Producer: Bruce Dawson
Talent: Sean Ban Beaton
Vocals: Chad Doucette
Agency Producer: Liz Walker
Technical Director: Nery Orellana
Flash Developers: Scott Morgan, William Chung
Typographer: Richard Thompson, JP Gravina
Digital Strategists: Kevin Qwan, Leshanne Pretty
Account Services: Amanda Gaspard, Leslie Uy, Adrian Goodgoll
Editor: Mark Hajek / FIN Films


andylefty's picture
4539 pencils

That's pretty damn cool, I've always wanted to see my name spelt in petals.

Temple's picture
10332 pencils

Very nice, but a bit on the beaten path. Now, if the singer could actually sing the consumer's name...

Mike Takasaki's picture
Mike Takasaki
10 pencils

Provided you have a somewhat common woman's name, he does.

Temple's picture
10332 pencils

You are right, Mary, Helen or Catherine works.

iambusy's picture
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liked...consumer's name will be a little difficult...


kleenex's picture
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not bad..

Baelin's picture
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I had a great time using naughty words as my name :)

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