NYC Rescue Mission: Underheard in New York

Advertising Agency: BBH, New York, USA
Creative Directors: Jessica Shriftman, Zac Sax
Art Director: Willy Wang
Other Credits: Rosemary Melchior, Dane Larsen, Brian Moore, Heidi Hackemer, Saneel Radia, Robert Weeks


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Excellent. There is so much money in NYC that it's obscene to me how many people are without basic necessities here. I've had firsthand experience with the power that media can have on changing the lives of the homeless. I think this was presented in a clear, heartfelt way. The story had a great arc.It's great and important that the payoffs (both for these specific individuals and the efforts in other cities) were mentioned at the end.

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nice idea, to make people heard something that they not even notice!!

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Incredibly moving. 10 stars.

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That is cool, they'll have their Lion.
What about the 99 996 others homeless in NY?

How does it change their lifes? The 4 guys went famous, as in a reality show, fine. Is anything deeply changed? Even the look of people in the street of New York, will it change? I don't think so.

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very nice, but this homeless are 100 times richer than homeless in my country.

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This is a perfect thing to do...

If you want to see interviews with over 200 homeless people, how they became homeless, what are the doing to not being homeless, etc.... Go here:


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