Not Our Future: Kiss off

Play the game here:

A viral game that reinforced the negative social impact of being a smoker and allows the user to generate their own kissing profile. Online social network applications were development to allow the game to be played within Bebo, Facebook and MySpace and sent to “friends” amongst these online social network websites.
3.5 million unique plays in 2 weeks. 7.1 million unique plays in 5 months to date. At present 40,000 plays per day.

Advertising Agency: Resn, Wellington, New Zealand
Creative Director: Steve Le Marquand
Art Director: Rik Campbell
Creative: Andy Williams
Released: June 2008


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Again, nice to see numbers backing up something like this. Really, Ivan, this should be encouraged among folks who submit things.


Here, let me save everyone the trouble of asking. "Do you even work in advertising?"

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Um yeah a bit cutesy really, I guess it could be aimed at the younger audience... still even then kids today really only react to edgy stuff... how many times do we want a 'create your own character and enter the world' type scenario

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the smoker chicks looks like madonna chicone.

Arnold Santillan

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stupid game!

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stupid game!

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stupid game!

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