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Excelent, great, different, award winner.

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great site, great idea. too bad the product will be swooped by the apple iphone. i can't wait for that thingy.

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Although I'm an Apple fan, I think the iPhone needs at least rev2 till it can compete with the Nokias.

Ivan Raszl, admin of AotW

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did you see the live demo? :) you zoom in and zoom out using finger movements. at the nokia phone you have a "stick" :)

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Apple has mastered the art of compressing a lot of music in a single device. Nokia has used this and their expertise in mobile phones to launch the new music and multimedia phones. iPhone is gorgeous, but nothing more than a mere speculation. NOKIA RULES!!!!!!


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please, just please, watch the live demonstration about the iphone. the product is real, it exists, it's not "speculation".

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absolutly fantastic web site.
i love it ! i love it ! i love it !

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it's really nice that a client of a technology company takes the risk to go with this vintage looking campaign

in my country, most of the clients are square minded .. so if it's a technology productr they expect to see technology related images.. like wireframe backgrounds and laser lights

big up for nokia and farfar people

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Fantassstic website! Love the concept, the idea, and the insight! Great thinking guys! Just Great! Respect!

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Funny thing is they even show the consequences of greatpocket! I really have good time watching it.

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This is great. Very unique and different, but best of all, relevant. Great job to the team whether it wins an award or not. Absolutely cracking idea.

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me thinks
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Interesting..lovely...one of the best website ever seen. Cheerio.

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very inspiring. great job. insightful and well executed.

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I like the campaign idea...Good work..Brave Idea...Something Different from the typical Mobile Advertising Idea...!!!

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Kris D

Great idea :-)

Did you guys already see the new Nokia campaign? Check www.jealouscomputers.com. This one is really absurd :-)

It's made by the agency that I work for.

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