Nissan Leaf: The World's Cheapest Taxi Rank

London recently witnessed a taxi rank with a difference. Celebrating the fact that the Nissan LEAF is six times cheaper to run than petrol, ten 100% electric cars ferried people around London for a few pence. Scores of delighted passengers – both Londoners and visitors to the capital – were treated to incredibly cheap ‘taxi’ rides in the zero-emission Nissan LEAF over a June weekend.

Advertising Agency: AKQA, UK
Creatives: Greg Mullen, Alastair Mills
Associate Creative Director: Resh Sidhu
Senior Designer: Richard Fenn
Motion Graphics: Andy Briscoe
Exec Creative Director: Duan Evans
Client Services: Rich Terry
Events partner: Hotcow Ltd.
Social media partner: DNA


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Very nice.

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Nike Diesel
13389 pencils

Decent work. But the product itself is outstanding.

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cute ad.

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Very nice ad, clever usage of social media...

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Very good use of two media : Outdoor and social media.

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Damn that's brilliant.

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Great product. Brilliant initiative. Excellent execution.

...and there is more to it. Go to our blog byfandg on Wordpress to check out more of it.

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Great ad! I can see the idea, i can see the product!

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