Newland Toyota: Schedule

Isn't it boring having to wait?
Schedule your Toyota service appointment and be attended right on time.
Book online:

Ad aired only on YouTube.

Advertising Agency: Slogan Propaganda, Fortaleza, Brazil
Creative Director: Sérgio Fiúza
Art Directors: Moésio Fiúza, Rodrigo Meireles, Edson Júnior
Copywriters: Gustavo Peixoto, Marcel Pinheiro, Pádua Sampaio
Published: February 2011


luispedromendezb's picture
104 pencils

good..i like.. but the concept?? idea??

venom_elite's picture
771 pencils

won't people just think the buffer's frozen?

I know you have the comment popup in there but its still kinda bland...

nice concept... just needs a better execution maybe?

jayaraj's picture
27 pencils

very avg idea

K Jayaraj

everartz's picture
7611 pencils

naaaaaaa! this is not accepted from brazil

| Everartz |

Jaap Grolleman's picture
Jaap Grolleman
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The YouTube loading joke isn't their own but they did put it to use in nicely here - though I doubt heaps of people will go and spread this.

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