New York Fries: Fry Cup Fortune

This augmented reality Facebook application brings a 3-D Coleman to life on users’ computer screens, where he will predict their future freshness. You can check it out at

Advertising Agency: Zig, Toronto, Canada
Executive Creative Director, Digital: Cameron Wykes
User Experience Architect: Bo Zou
Development Leader: Chris Czegel
Designer: Cole Sullivan
Writer: Jeff Mackay
Project Manager: Jennifer Costello
Creative Strategic Planner: JJ Sullivan
Developer: Joshua Ho
Designer: Karl Pawlowicz
Managing Director / Team Leader: Leigh Reynolds
Analytics Coordinator: Robert Hayes
Art Director: Stephen Headley
Director of Digital Strategy: Subtej Nijjar

August 2009

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No comments huh?? THe devil is in the detail people.

I think it's a nice idea to connect the price the client started his business with to a - normally - boring coupon to celebrate 25 years of existance.

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