Nescafe: The display cover photo

Advertising Agency: OgilvyOne, Athens, Greece
Creative Directors: Dimitris Savvakos
Copywriter: Elektra Pavlaki
Art Director: George Lyras
Account Manager: Tasos Veliadis
Designer: Antonis Theodorakis
Business Unit Director: Yannis Piperakis Papadakis

October 2012


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Nice work!

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Marlus Lau
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Did people really liked the page just to reveal the new package? Sounds a little fake to me.

andylefty's picture
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22 hours later? I don't understand what they liked. The cover photo presumably. Agree with Marlus. Some info missing.

I know Greeks love their coffee however the payoff doesn't seem to be there for new likes in general.

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what a wank. there was no communications to even let people know what would happen if they liked the photo.

also, liking it would mean these would be entirely new fans. why would all these new fans like this page that fast without any incentive.

so fake. and even still, so lame.

kleenex's picture
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The idea was there....

Could it be we needed to include a coupon offer with every single like???

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My God the built-in media player on this site is a steaming pile of sh*t.

Buffer, clip, buffer, buffer, snip snip, ugh, ah, buffer, pause. Oh good its buffered. Play. Buffering 0%


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A very, very small idea in my opinion. And I have serious doubts about what is claimed: nobody cares enough about packaging to "like" something just for that. Maybe they didn't explain it right in the clip, or maybe I misunderstood (I hope so)...

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Must have been a contest under it.. else... not really much of a value for the fans.

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Nice work.

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