NBA: Fast Break

Advertising School: Miami Ad School, Miami Beach, USA
Art Director: Josh Yeston
Copywriter: Michael Grosso
Instructor: Chris Vimini


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Cool, but what about the people at home?

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Very nice. And I think this is more an activation for people who are actually at the game - makes sense. Those who are at home have remotes, I guess. Good idea - MAS.

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Brilliant idea!

shortleif, the average NBA ticket costs $48 a game!
I'd say they deserve that little perk.

Besides, you think they're going to send cheer leaders to your house (you wish!) if you win the Sections competition?
That they're gonna put your mug on the big screen??


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that time is used to sell food & beverages..
try to sell that to a team/stadium owner...

do you really want to make them fans to look at their smartphones on every break?
have you ever been to a live game?

what a ***** idea.
***** MAS... producing lame ideas continously

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cool if you're in the stadium the game happen, stupid and useless if you're at home watching the game

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good job.

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why yellow? couldn't read it on the website execution.

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okay so I went to the website and did not see it...

I like the concept.

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Impressive. Cool idea.

I'm not sure how much of a problem you're solving but it's nice nonetheless.

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This is student work, so let's not get too harsh.

But Sambuca is right; teams don't want you off completing challenges. You're supposed to be buying stuff. Worst than that, you're sending thousands of people to three areas (by the way, they don't want fans moving to different arena levels) creating massive logjams only to give away concessions.

This looks like fun for the attendees, but you're forgetting a pretty huge component: what exactly is the up for the NBA?

It makes the game experience a bit better, maybe. But they have to give away a huge amount of product and concessions and build a technological infrastructure to handle the point system.

I guess that's what's fun about spec. No real client to worry about.

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might work as a supportive idea...but definitely not as the BIG idea

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"starts when the game stops, and stops when the game starts again"

Good luck with that.


"I love some things, and don't love some other things."

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