My Amoy

Check out the microsite and start cooking:

An inspiring environment which allows users to create a personal stir fry with ingredients ranging from the sublime to the ridiculous.

Advertising Agency: Play, London, UK
Creative Director: Jon Sharpe
Art Director: Nick Hamilton
Copywriter: Jon Sharpe
Senior Designer: Maime Winters
Developer: Sami Ezzat Agha

July, 2007


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Why? I thought it was fun. The naming is a bit over the top but the cooking animations are well done and the site itself is elegant and entertaining.

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did you notice the ugly grey frame when the ingredients fall into the wok?
and the fireworks... excessively cheesy stuff

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Ad Junkie At Large
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hahah ad the crushed black bean sauce, it looks like someone is taking a dirty shit in your wok.

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Ugly Gray,
The art director should have work on the background. Atleast

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art director 2007
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realy bad.

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