Mullen: BrandBowl2010

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Web site that will rate the popularity of this year's Super Bowl TV commercials using Twitter. It's called BrandBowl2010. The site is programmed to capture all Twitter chatter about the Super Bowl commercials and generate scores for positive and negative comments and "word-clouds" that convey key descriptive terms ("awesome," cringeworthy," etc) that people are using to describe the brands that are advertising on the Super Bowl. It's a large-scale, real time consumer opinion poll and online community all in one. As you'll see, the Focus on Family brand (Tim Tebow) is trending high on the site right now due to pre-game buzz.

Advertising Agency: Mullen, USA


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Good idea, but it doesn't seem to work correctly. Or maybe I'm just missing what I am supposed to see.

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Had a great time with this yesterday.
Be sure to check out the results:

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It was a great way to measure social media. Loved it.

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