Movia Nightbus: Is it time to get home?


The bus company Movia runs a night bus service much to the delight of the Copenhagen party crowd and other nocturnal creatures. This interactive film acts as a reminder to the folks who continue to dance and knock down Fernet Branca shots when taing the night bus might be a better option. Or as the copy says: "Is it time to get home?".

Advertising Agency: Bocca, Copenhagen, Denmark
Art Director: Lisbet Krøll
Copywriter: Ulrik Søby
Director: Adam Bonke
Photographer: Adam Wallensten
Production Design: Emil Walter
Sound design: David Stubbe Teglbjærg
Music: Upright Music
Stylist: Lea Sonne
Production Company: NobodyCph
Published: August 2011


kusseejner's picture
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Good insight and great use of technology. I like this a lot.

DBB's picture
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great job.

robinstam's picture
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Haha, this is so true. Great idea and very good execution.

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Excellent work!

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