Misereor: Drive the Mobilombo, Deliver hope to Africa

Drive the Mobilombo is a fundraising initiative by the episcopal relief organisation, Misereor. We are collecting donations for Goedgedacht, a farm in South Africa. The ‘Path out of Poverty’ initiative there is giving children and young people the chance to lead better and safer lives thanks to education, regular meals and work. Goedgedacht is mostly financed by growing olives and selling the produce. Every call to Drive the Mobilombo contributes to improving the lives of the children at Goedgedacht.

Advertising Agency: Kolle Rebbe, Hamburg, Germany
Chief Executive Officer: Stefan Kolle
Creative Directors: Justin Landon, Lorenz Ritter, Sven Klohk
Art Directors: Felix Schulz, Michael Matthias
Designers: Johannes Widmer, Michael Matthias, Felix Schulz
Copywriters: Malik Benarama, Felix Schulz
Illustrator: Michael Matthias
Photographer: Johannes Widmer
Additional credits: Kristin Ließ, Peter Fehler, The Shak, Tobias Böhning, Guido Block, Jessica Gustafsson, Robert Jennert, Alan Orpin, Konrad Peschmann, Grit Hornich, Tobias Sauer

April 2010


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visist the www.mobilombo.com
here is the film:
share it.

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share it? why? just because you're from the agency that did it?

I. don't. think. so.

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@ Katerer
Why so angry?

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