Microsoft: Sound of Code

Go to and use the code samples below to test the Sound of Code music generator. Paste the code below into the Sound of Code music generator and then click “Generate.” Click “preview” to hear the results.

Sample #1
public static object ConvertParameter(string parameterValue, Type type)
if (type == typeof(LetterPosition))
return TranslationEngine.GetLetterPositionFromString(type, parameterValue);
else if (type == typeof(TaglineInsertType))
return TranslationEngine.GetTaglineInsertTypeFromString(type,parameterValue);
else return System.Convert.ChangeType(parameterValue, type);

Sample #2
private static bool ExecuteRandomRule(int seed)
System.Random intital = new Random();
int input = intital.Next(1000000);
System.Random random = new Random(input);
int rand = random.Next(0, seed);
if (rand == 0)
return true;
return false;

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