Microsoft Office 2010: The movie

Advertising Agency: Traffik Filmworks, New York, USA
Agency/Prod co: Traffik filmworks
Director: Dennis Liu
Producers: Jonathan Hsu, Matt Anderson
Production Designer: Nicole Teeny
Script: Dennis Liu, JT Arbogast, Gary Roosa
Art Director: Kevin Su
DP: Doug Emmett/Dennis Liu
Edit/Sound Design: Dennis Liu
VFX Company: LOICA
Aired: July 2009


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thats so sad

Quite really.

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OK...I did laugh at some points, though I'm ashamed to admit it. the style of the commercial, I have to say:

"You'll never be as good as the competition! Never!"
(just imagine how I act this, please)

P.S. By competition, I mean: Mac. That's what I mean!

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Agreed. It's really sad.

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Poor Microsoft, you'll always be a TRAILER.

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.: look for the green giant on the label :.

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The ad matches perfectly the brand

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Hum, I'll have to talk to my printer about this... Besides, they want to bring back Clippy in 2010?? LOL

Man, this is poor sh*

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"You'll never be as good as the competition! Never!"
(just imagine how I act this, please)

P.S. By competition, I mean: Mac. That's what I mean!..."

you probably mean the 3% competition? I don't even know how you can call it that.

It always makes me smile how it's such a big cliche of people in the industry loving macs and hating pc's.
By the way, where were Steve Jobs and Appel at the cannes lions festival this year?
Oh that's right. Not there.
But where was Steve Ballmer ?
Oh, that's right. Right there.
Talking about advertising and the industry. And the I'am a Mac and I'm a PC campaign. Great speech, too.

hmm... Of course, you can say it was an advertising coup, made to reach the graphic/creative/advertising industry.
Well. What if it was? After all, we spend our days trying to create advertising coups of the like, for far less qualitative products.

but again, just my humble opinion.

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I'll continue in the same manner:

Oh, you were finished! Well, allow me to retort:*

What I hate about Microsoft/Windows ain't the way it looks!
(O.K. - Mac is sexier) - but... CRASHES ALL THE TIME!
And don't even get me started about Vista! It's Shit!

The sad part is: There is a "big cliche", but the cliche is that Windows is unreliable, tough on the user easy on the work on your PC (yep, I do use a PC) and you're not sure that when you are done (designing, animating etc.) you'll still have your file...'cause - It might CRASH and you might lose all of today's work! That's what I hate about it.

And another thing. If you think Mac isn't really a competition, why on earth do you steal from them all the time?!
Windows 7 looks like it has been designed by Apple! Why is that so?

* sorry Quentin man, I just had to use that. ;)

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lol. PC/Microsoft are only huge because of unethical tactics, You remember the court rulings? Besides, it's a perfect example of market share having no relation to quality of product. Then again, if you look at the creative professional segment, it's all Mac. It's so sad to see a PC lover.

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Just throwing it out there, but this isn't Mac vs. PC (I have both for the record) because its about Microsoft Office which offers programs for both platforms and many operating systems. I would guess that many of today's current Mac users, yes even the coolest of the cool Mac faithful have Microsoft Office on their Mac's, if for no other reason than to read and write files that are compatible with everyone else's.

Moving on, I thought it was a decent attempt at satire and humor, something everyone rails on Microsoft for not using more of, its obviously not to be taken serious, so why do people get on here and talk about how its awful? That's the point.

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Not all bad, but I liked it better when it was called Coupon the Movie on Mr. Show.

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very nice
but played out


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nice one

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I actually like this. Msoft should do more of this, and less of the sing-along thing, and the Windows7 Party videos.


"I love some things, and don't love some other things."

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Sydney based jake
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100% effective for the market they are going for, tho in saying that I don't like the way they tried to cram in the use puns and clichés, pretty much an US ad through and through, but I am a bias Aussie I suppose,

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Good Production quality and a nice idea...but Mac still no. 1

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That's made me laugh. :D

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Thats Amazing
Finally one good shot from the PC world.

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u people better spend more money in software development, rather then spending it on this type of ads....

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I just threw up in my mouth.

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Over two minutes long and I didn't get bored. And then I smiled once or twice along the way...
But honestly, the only real problem with this film is that the whole "spoof trailer" format is just so done to death that no matter how good or funny it is, your audience will always get flashes of déjà vu.

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please leave our business.

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Osama Nofal
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Trying a new habit

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that is so cool ..

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