Mercedes-Benz: E-Class Web Special

To the Web special:

In order to show the outstanding comfort and safety of the new E-Class, we invited a Formula 1 legend and one of the best jazz singers around to take a very special test drive.
A test which made the highest demands of the car in terms of comfort and security: a concert-level performance of a jazz classic in an E-Class driven around a racetrack.

Advertising Agency: Jung von Matt/next, Hamburg, Germany
Creative Directors: Bernd Kraemer, Timm Hanebeck
Art Director: Martin Strutz
Design: Johannes Widmer, Alexander El-Meligi, Ralf Lechner, Nina Borrusch, Christoph Jaeger
Concept: Robert Ehlers, Christian Behrendt, Jevgeni Beliaikin, René Lamberti
Copywriter: Sven Keitel
Programmers: Nils Doehring, Lennart Kruse, Benjamin Herholz
Consulting: Julia Hoffmann, Claus Jacobsen
Concept: Ingken Wagner
Released: January 2009