Mercedes-Benz: E-Class Coupé

Have a look:

Advertising Agency: Scholz & Volkmer, Wiesbaden, Germany
Executive Creative Direction: Michael Volkmer
Creative Direction: Katja Rickert
Senior Art Direction: Philipp Bareiss
Art Direction: Sebastian Zirfaß
Motion Design: Konstantin von Rhein
Junior Art Direction: Kirsten Becken, Vatsala Murthy, Tai Lückerath
Technical Direction: Peter Reichard
Programming: Philippe Just, Mario Dold, Markus-Oliver Morgenstern, Andreas Lutz (Assistance)
Copywriting/Concept: Tim Sobczak
Project Management: Irmgard Weigl
Senior Account Management: Eva Dyck
Sound Design: Jörg Remy
Photography: Ulrich Heckmann
Photo Production Company: Claas Cropp Creative Productions
Released: May 2009

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Beautiful. But what is the idea with the fan?

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its a webpage ignorant

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I think the idea of the fan is to cool down the women, coupe is really HOTTTTT

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It's an ignorant webpage.


"I love some things, and don't love some other things."

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Nice Shooting, Nice Art. I can see the different reaction and also the positioning from each and every model.
Nice Retouching. Nice Wardrobe.

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yes, so?

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If its not an ad, why is it here?

~~this paranoid survived!~~

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Beautiful! What a concept and what amazing photography!

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no doubt.. shoot is funtastic.. and that bloody Benz ;)

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the models, environment... superb!
it really attracts attention, not the pretty ugly merc (its new eyes are awfull!!)

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Excellent pic! but I cudn't get it!

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Wow, amazing!!! Beautiful model!!!

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cool sexy idea

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Beautiful visual .Not getting it though. Needs a tagline or something but seriously a visual id like to blow up and put up in my room mainly becoz its my Mercedes Benz model after the SLR McLaren.

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