Mercedes: Young

Advertising Agency: Jung von Matt/next, Hamburg, Germany
Creative Directors: Stefan Walz, Bernd Krämer
Concept Design: René Lamberti, Leif Abraham
Art Director: Veronika Bongartz
Design: Philip Bartsch, Alexander El-Meligi

June 2008


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very good....

infected by a virus called creative

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The girls are put off straight away because everything the video says about this concept is "he can do this", "he can do that".
Good initial concept but I am personally not a fan. The application 'make your own video' doesn't look like you can do much with it, throw some sparkles about and make silly shapes pop from weird spaces. The car has much to much of a presence in the interaction. This could have worked much more subtly which would send the message "this is a cool little thing that is free, Mercedes did it" rather than "Mercedes reckon they know what young people think is cool"

Oh and the car is ugly.

Like the video question idea though, if it actually worked.

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muy lindo!!!

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Could you post the link please?

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Very good. Nice work

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I'd rather play GTA...

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or Little Big Planet. Seems that you've been quite inspired.

Question: What does the consumer win?

Sorry but it doesn't work at all for me.

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I find the negative comments so far to be interesting. Duncan seems to be confusing the presentation here with the actual ad as far as the gender statements, but whatever. Zidor fails to see a consumer benefit in what appears to be a remarkably interactive and sustained communication. Are you seeing the same ad I did?

This is really good; in fact I suspect it's even better than that. I'm neither German, nor young, cool and hip but I suspect this 'electro-rock duo' is something that is what I'm not. What impresses me is that it is a concept that appears to be wholly integrated and actually targeting the audience. The concept feels solid and the execution is very well done.

I like it. I'd like it even better if I had a link to check it out for myself.

- The only thing more rare than a good ad is a good guest comment -

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this seems neat judging from their presentation but I'm seriously bummed out that I can't see the actual website myself. someone please submit a link if you've got them, otherwise I'll just email someone at jvm myself.

duncan: they're german. they screwed up the translation in the video. cut'em some slack.

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It's cool ,but where is the link?

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a car driving around a block, some exploding objects and the possibility of changing the color of the car. look for yourself, I found it really boring.

heres the link:


click Music video.

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good work but it doesn't match with glk consumers.
i don't think they even know the band digitalism or play video games.

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now that I've seen the website I'm disappointed. there isn't much in terms of interactivity there. the camera angles are all predefined and mouseclicks only launch a few short sequences.

at least it's well executed.

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I agree with you

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Very cool: 8/10

I like it!

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