Sensuality & Sense

November 2010


For the new CLS web special, author Joey Goebel wrote an interactive, personalizable shortstory. The Berlin-based illustrator-duo Drushba Pankow created the visual setting. Over 400 preparatory drawings by the illustration-duo Drushba Pankow, over 300 hours of coloration with paint and brushes, over 100 gigabyte high-resolution scans, over 40 hand-illustrated pagestates digitally dissected into 200 layers and individually animated by hand unify this web special.

Digital advertisment created by Jung von Matt, Germany for Mercedes, within the category: Automotive.

Advertising Agency: Jung von Matt/Alster, Hamburg, Germany
Creative Directors: Thimoteus Wagner, Fabian Frese
Conception / Creative: Robert Ehlers
Art Director: Simon Hiebl
Copywriters: Luca Rescheleit, Niklas Schachtebek
Illustrators: Alexandra Kardinar, Volker Schlecht / Drushba Pankow

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I'm finding it hard to resist saying 'almighty tosspot' after watching that.

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Activity Score 4225

What a colossal... FOLLY is the only word I can find. What a monumental waste of effort this is. Congratulations to Joey Goebel for his success in Germany, but that writing sells nothing in the world of advertising I'm afraid - can't blame you for taking the money though. Did you never ask 'why?' ?

Dear Agency,

I would *pay* to be able to care less about how many gigs were scanned and hours used in illustrating, layers created in postproduction... if you could only give me back the 30 minutes I wasted to trawl through this tragic ego-soup I would be able to stop myself laughing every time I see a Merc. Because that's what's happening from now on.

Dear Client,

Did you actually read the story? Here are some choice snippits if you haven't bothered (which you obviously haven't), good luck recovering your investment.

"I'm comforted that the engine starts"... [that's one of my favourites]

"the wind feels good gently spanking my face"

"in this hateful, indifferent city, you were the only two souls to have shown me any form of compassion"

"I never knew the human body could feel so good"

"I run my fingers all around the steering wheel, which now takes on a sacred vibe because Anna touched it."

"My lunges at pleasure only become more reckless"

"I see my family less and less. They openly refer to me as a loser" [another favourite - great way to capture your target audience there]

"We have to love each other as hard as we can..... I drive us off, one eye on Anna, the other on the road ahead" [I could have cried at this point. But I couldn't stop laughing. The whole show had absolutely nothing to do with a car. And you paid for it. Hilarious].

Oh, and in the short film "The Flytrap" on the site, these choice words: "I think I'm the only one here who knows what to do with champagne. I dive into it and swim."

Do you really think this was smart advertising for a car manufacturer? Because I can guarantee that you're going to be a laughing stock with a fair few of the advertising professionals in Europe and beyond who use this site.

And before I forget, you might want to google "Sense and Simplicity" before congratulating yourself on the campaign title.

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CuriousPencil, you'll love this:

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Activity Score 4225

I'm finding it hard to resist saying 'almighty tosspot' after watching that.

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nice car

Just do it

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Awesome site! I don't know if it sales the car but it's beautiful!