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Did I just watch a fake BBC Documentary?

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Who choose this crap?

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This feels like an SNL skit making fun of lonely white girls.

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Yeah this could be an SNL idea, but I say the idea could work.

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You guys, this is a STUDENT idea at a portfolio school. They're job is to try to get noticed by coming up with cool ideas and producing them with ZERO DOLLARS. Damn, give them a break. I'd say this is a damn good idea, but I would like to see it tied back to the client a bit better. I think, rather than try to invent some sort of gizmo, that this would've made a great TV spot about the lengths some will go to in order to have contact with their pets. THEN, afterwards, it'd be cool to see the invention.

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I tend to give students a break on strategy, but not so much on the idea itself. This idea just feels very corny and contrived to me. I don't think there are too many girls out there that can't stand to be away from their cat for 8 hours.

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