Mariam-Webster: Dum As Word Game

Dum_As is a new social game to help you mock and humiliate your dumb ass friends. By adding a new toolbar to popular web browsers, Dum_As allows users to tag and expose the spelling and grammar errors of their friends and followers on social networking sites. The more you find, the more points you rack up. Compete with your friends to attain grammatical greatness, and show off your unparalleled strength in spelling. With Dum_As, you and your friends can finally start living in a smarter world. Well, at least it will appear that way.

Advertising School: Miami Ad School, Miami Beach, FL, USA
Art Director: Fenris Kau
Copywriters: Daniel Berenson, Vinny Dearaujo

November 2011


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Have had a good think about this.

I think anything that helps improve the standard of spelling and grammar online would be awesome.

Especially on youtube to combat incomprehensible comments.

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an underscore in a url, the first entry to dum_as

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Hahahah Good one!!

my marketing blog (Thai Language):

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Another dumb ass creation out of the Miami Ad School. Here are a few questions for you to think about, students.

1) How many people (adults) would actually install this toolbar or whatever it is?
2) Who wants to persistently correct their friends? That's annoying. Is the target market teens?
3) What can one do with all those points? Say, I've racked up 5000 points. So what?

Finally, Merriam Webster would never (trust me) approve this. Making grammar or spelling errors has nothing to do with having a limited vocabulary.

PS: Ivan, I am taking the liberty to correct you (without using the Dum As toolbar). It's Merriam, not Mariam. :)

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the idea itself is good imo.
in the application itself, it says, try beat fen by joining the game. I think it should be try beating fen by joining the game. just saying.

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Anything that celebrates mocking isn't a good idea; something that is about mocking "dumb[-]ass friends" while misspelling itself, invites a gale of derision in howls of contempt, from where I'm watching, even if this is just a concept.

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A grammar-nazi-typo-app. Sounds like fun. Not.

The concept per se is quite nice, but im not sure if anyone really wants his or her name to show up in one of the leaderboards.

who cares? ima play some tunes instead

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