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I think this will encourage graffiti even more. Doesn't work for me.

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I loved the idea and it seemed very successful until morse's comment got me thinking. He's right - it's great fun and why wouldn't people love to share, it looks fantastic. Although long term isn't "Immortalizing love one scribble at a time" the problem, if we were to develop a campaign to actively encourage love graffiti wouldn't almost exactly the same campaign work? Anyway do hope I'm wrong.

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Encouraging graffiti is not the issue. The prob is that by promoting such a campaign in the net, only web literates are addressed and chances are that they don't do these graffiti stuff even if they are not told abt the issue. Whatever approach u take, guilt trip, alternate encouragemnt ideas....nothing is strong enough to change the habit of the Indian mindset (those who know Indian mindset towards graffiti on public places and monuments will understand im not talking anti-indian stuff)

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Graffiti on monuments is such a common sight in India that people have gone quite used to them donning the walls of historic monuments. That's to say that the issue had sunk far below the surface of daily awareness of the people. But no sooner had the campaign been launched, the news media picked it up and fanned the tiny spark of awareness into a stupendous flame, spreading the message across the country. This is a big feat in itself, and shows that it struck a chord with the educated masses, who, for long had gone into slumber but now were once again brought face to face with the eyesore of a reality. It may not have drastically changed the behavior, but it has surely sowed the seed of awareness- which I believe was the objective in the first place, anyway.

Good stuff!

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